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Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour Play&Learn

Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour Play&Learn

You can take part in one of our tours, guided by our activity leaders. Each tour operates according to a set schedule and timetable. Choose the most suitable for you and join us!


The option includes

  • A multilingual Activity Leader
  • Audio tour devices to listen to the Activity Leader commentary
  • Safari d’arte Play & Learn Book (containing photo clues, descriptions about history and artworks and a final quiz)
  • A two hour itinerary
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Product Description

Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour Play&Learn


Would you like to find out where the oldest fish market of Rome took place?

Why is there a snake on the Tiber Island?

What are the most typical dishes of the Jewish cuisine?


With Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour you can discover one of the oldest continuous Jewish settlements in the world with the guide of our expert Activity Leader, spot the starting point and start your art treasure hunt in the historical Jewish district.
The district discovery will start from Piazza Mattei and its graceful turtles, witnesses of a romantic love story. From here we will go through the narrow alleys leading to the Portico of Ottavia where we will let ourselves be delighted by the aromas of the Kosher cuisine. During our walk along Via del Portico di Ottavia we will meet a lizard and a frog. These animals, apparently found to be insignificant, were instead the way two enslaved architects found to sign their own work. Finally, we will move along the Tiber river, where the ancient Roman legend of Asclepius and the snake will reveal the reason as to why the Tiber Island has this very shape.


Watch the clues closely, find your orientation, follow the tracked indications on the map directly on your reference book, search carefully around you. Who is going to be the first one able to spot the trail clues?
Challenge other participants, let yourself be lead and immersed in the historical framework and in the interesting stories each clue is linked to. Become a real art treasure hunter with With Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour! Test yourself, play the game with your friends and other participants, then take the final quiz!

This what you can experience by choosing Safari d’Arte Rome Jewish Ghetto GUIDED Tour Play&learn tour!


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