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The didactic tour

Teachers have a choice of suggested itineraries to plan a formative didactic tour, and they will be accompanied by an activity leader who will be guiding the group throughout the duration of the Art Safari®.

The Art Safari ® playing books, designed in collaboration with University Art teachers, offer an innovative and involving communicative approach whose objective is to rediscover the richest artistically heritage in our country, to raise the young’s awareness of the need to love and preserve the artistic treasures around us.

Every tour is built around twelve photographic hints which are necessary to find twelve different monuments, whose historical description is contained in the books that will be provided.

The duration of each tour is about two and a half hours. But there is even more that the Art’s Safari® will offer! Once back in the classroom, it will be possible to carry out a multiple choice test based on the pupils’ memory and readiness in answering.

Why should you choose Art Safari?

Art Safari is different from other traditional educational tour

• pupils will join a formative game that requires a competitive spirit;

• the competition will keep the participants’ concentration high for the whole duration of the activity;

• the young will be stimulated to observe and pay attention to details, and thanks to the reading of the text contained in the guidebook, they will be induced to conceive art masterpieces as part of history;

• Both in the classroom and at home participants will be able to experience this unique excursion again, with the support of the guidebook.

The strong points of Art Safari®:

• to enjoy the city in an active and participatory way;

• to combine learning and playing;

• to stimulate the pupils’ sense of belonging to a group and enhance their cooperation;

• to develop the spirit of observation and curiosity;

• to discover the rich artistic heritage of the city;

• • to give pupils the opportunity to repeat this experience with their families

and resort to it for further itineraries.

Joining is easy:

• choose you itinerary;

• choose a day;

• make a reservation and pay the subscription fee;

• wait for the written confirmation of the date, hour and place of the appointment;

• reach the meeting point on the day of the excursion;

• enjoy the educational visit with an Ara Macao activity leader who will guide the class with the teachers.

How much does it costs:

The participation fee of 12 Euros per pupil includes:

• The Art Safari® book related to the chosen itinerary (bookshop at 12 Euros);

• A guide for the excursion;

• A 30% discount on the Art Safari® collection price if bought directly at Ara Macao.


Art Safari® are distributed in the city museums and in the PIT (Tourist Information Points). It was also chosen by Mibac to participate in the European days of the Heritage. Many schools have already subscribed and the teachers who participate in it have considered the event to be of great pedagogic importance for the pupils.


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