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Rome Villa Borghese Tour


Rome Villa Borghese Tour Play&Learn


Would you like to find out why the Villa is full of fountains?

Why are there so many eagles and dragons?

What is the oldest Rome’s public garden?


With Rome Villa Borghese Tour you can study your map, spot the starting point and start your art treasure hunt in the heart of Roman Baroque.
Starting from the Borghese Gallery, we will immerse ourselves in the woods and the gardens of this historic Roman Villa, rich in secular trees, fountains, historic buildings, evocative of a distant past full of interesting stories. After avoiding Medusa’s look, who makes anything her eyes can see into stone, we will discover legends and shady tales about this noble family. With Rome Villa Borghese Tour we will search for the several beings skillfully disguised on the fountains, and once in a while we will come across mythological creatures, in charge to protect this charming villa from the top of a wall or by appearing on one of the great neoclassical, baroque or eclectic sculptures.


Watch the clues closely, find your orientation, follow the tracked indications on the map directly on your reference book, search carefully around you. Who is going to be the first one able to spot the trail clues?
Challenge other participants, let yourself be lead and immersed in the historical framework and in the interesting stories each clue is linked to. Become a real art treasure hunter with Rome Villa Borghese Tour! Test yourself, play the game with your friends and other participants, then take the final quiz!


This what you can experience by choosing Safari d’arte Rome Villa Borghese Tour!


The Tour


  • Borghese Gallery
  • Piazza di Siena
  • The little Lake
  • The little Fortress
  • The Bioparco
  • The Secret Garden


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