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App Travel Guide Safari d’arte

The App Travel Guide Safari d’arte app is a didactic game promoting and disseminating the Italian Art Heritage, through a new approach to sightseeing. The Safari d’Arte app allows you to explore the city and to go treasure hunting through an offline access. By walking around the city, you can go and search for specific and interesting details represented on monuments. An engaging and innovative way of exploring the city and getting to know its history, the main historical characters and artworks. Study your georeferenced map by using GPS, spot the the starting point and start your art treasure hunt. Watch the clues closely, find your orientation, follow the tracked indications on the map, search carefully around you. Who is going to be the first one able to spot the clues?


With App Travel Guide Safari d’arte you will have a visual approach to well known city locations will be experienced in a brand new way thanks to the careful observation skills required by the game. You will have the opportunity to discover stories and legends about the city’s main characters and monuments.


Challenge other participants, let yourself be surrounded by the interesting stories each clue reveals.


Become a real art treasure hunter! Test yourself, play the game with your friends and other participants, then take the final quiz!


Play with App Travel Guide Safari d’arte to live a unique exciting experience you will never forget!


Discovering monuments and artworks has never been so fun and engaging!


You can find a printed version of the travel guide book Safari d’arte in the bookshop of the cities Museum Safari d’Arte Play & Learn Books are distributed to the main city museum centers and T.I.P. (Tourist Information Points). Safari d’Arte and its books have also been selected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism to join the European Heritage Days.


The App Travel Guide Safari d’arte includes:

  • Free and Purchasable Tour
  • Georeferenced Map, available with Offline GPS
  • Photo Clues
  • Interesting descriptions of Monuments and Artworks
  • Fascinating stories about historical figures
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Final Quiz
  • Overall and itinerary-specific rankings
  • Facebook share button to tell your friends about this great experience